Last Of The Summer Wine character
Wally Batty
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Job Retired
Actor Joe Gladwin
First Some Enchanted Evening
Last When You take a Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible
(1975–1987) Nora's perennially shell-shocked husband and Compo's next-door neighbour, Wally Batty was a short quiet man, kept on a short leash by his wife. His relationship with Nora stood in stark contrast to Compo's unrequited lust after her; in fact, he often welcomed the prospect of Compo running off with her. Initially mentioned but not seen, he first appeared on screen in 1975. He was generally seen doing chores or stealing a quick moment away from Nora at the pub. Wally had a passion for racing pigeons and owned a motorbike and sidecar, occasionally taking Nora for a spin around the countryside. With the death of Joe Gladwin in 1987, the character died off screen, but is still occasionally mentioned. (Note: in the pilot episode of the series, which was part of the Comedy Playhouse strand, Nora referred to her unseen husband as Harold, not Wally).