Last Of The Summer Wine character
Milburn aka 'Crusher'
Gender Male
Hair Black
Job Sid's Cafe Assistant
Actor Jonathan Linsley
First The Loxely Lozenge
Last Big Day at Dream Acres
(1984–1987) Ivy's giant, lumbering and very strong nephew, who bore a striking resemblance to Sid. The character first appeared in 1984, to compensate for the death of John Comer who played Sid. Crusher helped his auntie Ivy out in the cafe for 3½ years. His real name was Milburn, but he insisted on being called "Crusher". He was influenced by the Rock and Rollers of the 1950s and was into heavy metal music. Well meaning but not overly bright, he was rather easily led. Crusher was first seen in the touring stage show before being introduced into the series. However Crusher did not return in the tenth series, as Jonathan Linsley decided to leave the show after going on a crash diet: most of the character's humor came from the contrast between his menacing size and his total harmlessness. Following his departure in early 1988 after the 1987 Christmas special, Ivy ran the cafe alone (with occasional help from Nora Batty).

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